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ethan loke

Asia’s Top

Dog Behaviour Expert

Founder and Master Trainer at Urban K9, Ethan Loke, is an educator of Dog Psychology and a Canine Behaviour Expert who has turned his life-long passion for dogs into an illustrious career in dog training. 

Our Friendship with


In 2016, Ethan emerged as the inaugural winner of NatGeo’s first dog training reality TV series, Cesar’s Recruit: Asia. He was handpicked by the famed “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan to champion the mission of teaching dog psychology and raising standards of dog training across Asia and beyond as he was the one who possessed the right mix of dog and people skills. He then went on to co-host the next 2 seasons of Cesar’s Recruit: Asia, where he played a part in mentoring and coaching other dog trainers to fulfill their best potential as canine experts. 



as Asia's Top Dog Behaviour Expert on Cesar's Recruit: Asia 


Behind the glamour

Before becoming public figure that we now know and love, Ethan served in the Singapore Police Force K-9 unit, where he gained professional training and field experience with dogs specializing in narcotics and protection work. Even though he initially embarked on a career as a legal professional, his passion for working with dogs never diminished, and he used his free time to take up dog training assignments.

In 2016, Ethan and Serene co-founded Urban K9, harnessing the power of the pack to help rehabilitate certain dogs and reveal their true potential.

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