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What should I prepare for my dog’s daycare or staycation?

  1. Food - As all dogs are on different diets, please provide us with your dog’s meals throughout their stay. We have plenty of fridge and freezer space to ensure that meals containing fresh or raw food will be properly stored.

  2. Bedding & toys - It is optional for you to bring along these items for your dog but remember that if you do pack it in their luggage, be prepared for it to be shared with the other dogs.

  3. Past medical hIstory or any important medication.

My dog might have behavioural issues; will he/she be allowed to participate in daycare/staycations?

We have a reputation for welcoming and rehabilitating dogs with various behavioural issues through the diverse services that we offer. With our attention to  unique structure and balanced approach, we can state with confidence that even dogs with behavioural issues will be fine under our guidance and care.

What should I do for smooth check-in?


Say your goodbyes and farewells at home, when handing over your dog, simply pass us the leash and we will lead your dog into our facility. In order to avoid any form of separation anxiety from setting in, it is better for your dog to follow us into our facility than to let your dog witness your departure. Once inside, the integration of your dog with the current pack will begin immediately. We have experienced some cases of owners not following our protocol and the dog spends the rest of the time waiting at the entrance of our facility, losing appetite or being restless or anti-social, so if you do not want that to happen to your dog, do heed our advice.

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