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Urban K9


Ethan and Serene co-founded Urban K9 in 2016 - it was a goal stemming from the time that Ethan served in the Singapore Police Force K-9 unit, where he gained professional training and field experience with dogs specializing in narcotics and protection work. Even though he initially embarked on a career as a legal professional, his passion for working with dogs never diminished, he used his free time to take up dog training assignments (often cases that other trainers had given up on).


At the same time, Serene established a home-based dog boarding and daycare service, taking in many dogs that were previously rejected by other daycare facilities or caretakers due to behavioural issues. By achieving balance and harmony with an ever-changing pack of dogs, they were able to harness the power of the pack to help rehabilitate certain dogs and reveal their true potential.


Today, through Urban K9, they hope that they can continue to influence an even larger group of dog owners and equip them with proper education, tools, and techniques to create meaningful relationships with dogs and achieve a mastery of dog behaviour and psychology. 

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